RC 6WD Snow Plow Robot

This can be a SDR custom 6-wheel drive remote control robot.Snow Plow Robot


Flying robots With Camera

Flying robots or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are already in use for a variety of assignments, for example police surveillance, perimeter observation, squirting crops, recognizing forest fires prior to them getting unmanageable, locating lost children, by hobbyists. Flying robots with cameras allow police force to evaluate harmful situations before intervening or engineers to evaluate bridges and dams where human observation could be not practical.

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With the advent of flying robots with camera, it is now within the reach of the general public to take to the sky. For customers interested we have available at Active Robots you will benefit from unrivalled in-flight control and stability meaning that you can focus your attention on achieving the best images during your flights.

Flying robots are drones utilized in industrial programs and professional film shoots. They fly pre-designed routes, saving the pilot procuring work. Automatic flight control is really a sensible solution when, for instance, identical areas should be regularly inspected in the air to produce documentation or measure changes (as with recycleables extraction, agriculture, and ecological programs).