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This little robot known as MIP (Mobile Inverted Pendulum) is the best adorable electronic existence form around, alongside those of his successor Miposaur because of be launched later this season. MIP robot has lots of modes each shown by a LED light on his chest. Modes could be selected by turning the wheel, before the colour changes. He's three built-in IR sensors, that register hands actions (Gesture Sense) and obstacles in the path. Apart from making lots of random noises, he's probably the most characteristic robot available on the market. My personal favorite mode is Roam, when i think it is very intriguing watching a robotic operate alone, because he taking walks around conscious of his surroundings. The Drive mode is fairly awesome too, permitting charge of MiP.

MiP is a robot with an inquisitive and responsive personality communicated through motion, sounds, and RGB LED eyes. Together with his unique dual-wheel balancing, MiP has the capacity to navigate his surroundings, follow hands gestures, as well as follow objects around rc robots

MiP Balancing Robot One of the really cool features on the MIP robot is the gesture control. There is a blue light sensor at the front of the robot and by doing certain hand gestures in front of that sensor the robot will respond in a number of specific ways.