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Wow Wee Miposaur Robotics. Just swipe your hands to activate its many sensors.


Robotic With Camera

Robotic With Camera enable producers to provide original, spectacular, and much more captivating content-inside a reliable, cost-effective, and risk-free manner. Each TV-show, commercial, film, and live-event needs to be aesthetically more desirable than its predecessor to capture and contain the audiences attention.

Also within the vision product is a visible camera, which combined with the infrared camera, are installed on a pan-tilt unit around the manipulator arm from the robot. The robot is controlled via radio or optical fiber, along with a video signal can be shown or documented on the hand held user interface.

We sell wireless and wired cameras for automatic and stationary applications.. The cameras are inexpensive miniature wireless cameras that may mount easily on your robot. Standard, IR, and zoom cameras can be found. rc robots

The Ross family of robotic camera systems came as the result of the acquisition of FX-Motion in December, 2011. FX-Motion combined elements of motion control cinematography from the motion picture industry with mechanical engineering expertise to push the state of the art in camera robotics systems. The result is Furio, a truly unique and ground breaking robotic camera system.