RC 6WD Snow Plow Robot

This can be a SDR custom 6-wheel drive remote control robot. The strength of this robot will help you to plow your drive when you remain in enhanced comfort of your house or business.

RC 6WD Snow Plow Robot Six wheels using six motors that provide them an excellent traction. The movement is completed by two categories of three motors. The 3 motors in every group move simultaneously. One group within the right side and the other within the left side. They provide the robot a fish tank like movement that greatly simplifies the traction.

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  • Chassis: Custom Aluminum chassis made of 3/16″ thick aluminum. Cut on our CNC Plasma and welded together to house all the components including the mount for the included snow plow
  • Motors: (Qty 6) IG90 24VDC 127 RPM Gear Motor
  • Axles: Chain combined axles for greater off-road capacity.
  • Batteries (Motors): (Qty 2) 12v 55 amp hour batteries in series for 24 volts. There is space for an additional 2 batteries for double the run time and more weight for traction, etc.
  • Snow Plow Attachment: 52″ wide snow plow blade mounted to the front of the robot with an air cylinder for remotely lifting and lowering the blade. Tilt is manual, contact us if you want that to be remote too.