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Robotic pet

A robotic pet is an artificially intelligent machine made in the image of an animal commonly kept as a pet. To date, these creatures include dogs, cats, bunnies, and wild birds. Many people even treat these robots as actual pets. Automatic pets might also include things not normally considered pets, like Pleo, a simulation automatic dinosaur. Many people treat domestic robots like the Roomba as pets. They keep seniors individuals from being depressed as well as have them active. The most popular robotic pet is Tekno the Automatic Puppy

Robotic pets can be great toys and some of them can even become part of the family. When real pets are often not allowed in apartments, why not get a dog robot or dinosaur robot to cheer up the home? Kids will love them, and parents can't resist either. There is quite some choice to choose your robot friend.

If you are the hobby type, you may be willing to program your own robotic pets. You can follow the instructions to complete some action or something rc robots